Video: Fredericton’s Broadband Solution – Why Everyone Needs Broadband
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Glossary of Terms

Fibre strand – a thin, flexible glass strand designed for light transmission. A single, hair-thin strand of optical fibre has huge transmission capacity. A fibre-optic strand is capable of transmitting trillions of bits per second.

Dark fibre – an unused (or “unlit”) optical fibre available for use in a fibre-optic network.

Lit fibre – fibre-optic cable strands within the network lit for use by the customer.

Mbps – Megabits per second; units in which internet speed is measured

Co-location or ‘colo’ – facilities provided by The City (in the White Building) to house and connect customer-owned and maintained computer equipment to the fibre-optic network. Colo also houses equipment owned by local service providers that provides services over The City’s fibre-optic network.

Co-working space – a communal space with a broadband connection that provides an environment for like-minded technology entrepreneurs to work and network.

IT – Information Technology

Internet Service Provider (ISP) – a company that supplies internet connectivity and an array of related IT services to home and business customers. ISPs offer dial-up, cable, DSL (digital subscriber line), fiber-optic or other types of internet access.