Downtown broadband fibre service is now available to Nelson businesses

 How do I apply for Nelson fibre connectivity?

 1.  Complete the Nelson Fibre Application (MS Word Version or Printable PDF Version)

2.  Digest the 2 associated utility Bylaws, as these form agreements between the fibre user and the City of Nelson

3.  Send the application to and follow-up with the City of Nelson’s IT Department for a fibre feasibility and installation cost assessment, to finalize the application.

Contacts:  Allison Sutherland T: 250 352 8289 or Kalum Lauritzen 250 352 8258


Nelson Broadband Fibre is here

Fibre-Optic Network Gives Nelson an Edge in the Digital Age

Accessing the City of Nelson’s high-speed broadband fibre is a reality for Nelson businesses.

One of the biggest drivers behind investing in a fibre-optic network is the economic stimulus that a state-of-the-art information technology infrastructure creates for a community. Increasingly, many types of businesses benefit from access to a high-speed fibre-optic network – to meet their business needs and to remain competitive in the digital age. Continue reading