Nelson Broadband Fibre Network

What is the Nelson Broadband Fibre Network?

Nelson has many traditional broadband service providers and is a “well-connected community”.   One of the broadband enablers available in Nelson for businesses is the City of Nelson’s fibre network.

The City of Nelson offers a “dark fibre-optic” network as a utility.   The city has a unique advantage of partnering with its Nelson Hydro power business, which owns the poles and conduits, making it possible for Nelson to use these assets to mount and run fibre throughout the community.

“Nelson Hydro is a City of Nelson owned and operated utility, and is the local supply authority for electrical service in the City of Nelson and surrounding area.”  Visit for details.

How do I apply for Nelson fibre connectivity?

 1.  Complete the Nelson Fibre Application – the application has notes and descriptions for your reference.

Download and complete the Nelson Fibre Application or call 250 352 8258 to obtain one.

2.  Digest the 2 associated utility Bylaws, as these form agreements between the fibre user and the City of Nelson

  • Fibre Fees & Charges BylawNo.3092,2008 – Schedule J
  • Optical Fibre Service BylawNo.3270,2013

3.  Send the application to and follow-up with the City of Nelson’s IT Department for a fibre feasibility and installation cost assessment, to finalize the application.

Contacts:  Kalum Lauritzen 250 352 8258

Nelson Fibre Utility – Explanation of Fees

“Dark fibre” is fibre optic cable that has not yet been “lit-up” by networking electronics.  The dark fibre is provided by The City of Nelson and the Internet plus other services are provided by the Service Providers.

The fibre utility fee is much like the basic charge you pay on your electricity and natural gas bills.  It is a monthly rate for access to the fibre infrastructure, BUT the monthly fee does not include network, internet and business services.  These services are offered by “service providers”. Businesses have a choice of network, internet and business service providers.

Monthly Fibre Fees

The typical monthly fee, paid to the City of Nelson is:

  • $50 per fibre strand, per business location, per month for 1GB (Download and Upload) + Internet Service Provider fees.   NOTE:  Internet service fees vary by service provider and packages desired.  Check with the Internet providers who may provide the 1GB Internet Service.  However, often this 1GB connection is used to interconnect local Nelson offices, so this not always about Internet.

Monthly Internet Fees

Consult with the Internet Service Providers listed below for quotes on their Internet and other services… Ask them for Nelson Fibre Internet rates.

 Local Service Providers

Contact information and details about add-on services are provided below or contact your existing service provider for information about available services.

DHC Communications Inc.
Contact: Dave Harasym,  Tel: 250.352.0861
Email:,  Visit:
Broadband Services Available include:
• High Speed Internet Access, 1GB packages are available
• Cloud Server Hosting  • Data Backup Service  • Security & CCTV

Columbia Wireless Inc
Contact:  Ben Leslie,  Tel: (250) 505-4041 (option 1)
Email:,  Visit:
Broadband Services Available include: High Speed 1GB Fibre Internet Services

Sensible Solutions Inc.
Contact: Mike Siegmund,  Tel: 1.250.777.4357
Email: Visit:
Broadband Services Available include:
• High Speed Internet Access, up to 1Gbps and Inter-office connections up to 10gbps
• Cloud Server Hosting  • Data Backup Service  • Phone Systems • Security & Cameras • Website, Email, DNS

Secure by Design
Contact: Kirk Ismay,  Tel: 1.877.373.6121
Email: sales@secure-by-design.comVisit:
Broadband Services Available include:
• Internet access from 5mbps to 100mbps over both copper and fiber
• Website and cloud email hosting
• Domain name registration

Columbia Networks
Contact:  Dan Salekin,  Tel: 1-888-527-0540
Email:,  Visit:
Broadband Services Available include: 1 GB Fibre Internet Services