Broadband Benefits

With Nelson Broadband you will be able to:

Move large electronic files to clients and between branch offices quickly
Insurance brokers, for example, are constantly using and sending large electronic files, often between branch offices. Broadband allows them to more quickly and efficiently service their clients.

Send large data easily: video, images and audio files
Film industry production houses and other digital design businesses often work with massive files. With broadband, they can send these huge files to remote clients electronically, instead of by courier or mail.

Accommodate peak internet traffic
Hospitality businesses can offer high-speed access to many guests simultaneously, to download movies and to do business on the internet. Broadband keeps the flow of digital information running quickly, even at peak times.

Use reliable, high-resolution video-conferencing and training
Instead of travelling out of town to attend meetings or workshops, you can stay put and participate via dependable, high-quality video-conferencing. Nelson Broadband saves you time and travel costs.

Back-up and store data securely off-site
The more data you create, the more you depend on it. Storing your back-up data off-site is the most reliable form of data protection. Backing up with Nelson Broadband ensures that your backup records are instantly accessible, yet safe from a disaster on-site. Data is stored at a secure co-location facility in the White Building.