Nelson Broadband Fibre is here

Fibre-Optic Network Gives Nelson an Edge in the Digital Age

Accessing the City of Nelson’s high-speed broadband fibre is a reality for Nelson businesses.

One of the biggest drivers behind investing in a fibre-optic network is the economic stimulus that a state-of-the-art information technology infrastructure creates for a community. Increasingly, many types of businesses benefit from access to a high-speed fibre-optic network – to meet their business needs and to remain competitive in the digital age.

“For our business, broadband fibre is exciting. We produce high definition film and television programs. The opportunity to deliver our product on a global level while being located in Nelson is a huge advantage,” explains Jeremy Grant, Creative Director at Freeride Entertainment.

“In the past, we would FedEx our productions on a hard drive to clients in locations such as Hollywood and Austria – which takes two days. In crazy time crunches, we’ve actually flown someone to L.A. to hand-deliver the hard drive. It’d be way more efficient to send video over a high-capacity broadband channel,” adds Grant.

Nelson’s new fibre-optic infrastructure increases the capacity and speed of internet traffic tenfold over conventional networks.

The Nelson and Area Economic Development Partnership (NAEDP) played a pivotal role in bringing high-speed broadband to Nelson. The partners collaborate in pursuit of local economic growth and the group represents the City of Nelson, the Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce, Community Futures Central Kootenay and the Regional District of the Central Kootenay (Areas E and F).

The NAEDP researched broadband models implemented in other communities to determine the best method and pricing structure.  Local focus group and business survey results informed planners of the information technology (IT) needs of the Nelson business community.

Because business’ IT landscapes are so varied, ranging from simple to very complex, an array of broadband services is being designed in collaboration with local service providers to meet the needs of Nelson businesses.

“In the insurance industry, we are constantly using and sending large electronic files. There are times where I have literally had to wait several minutes for image files to send on our current connection,” says Tammy Darough, General Manager at RHC Insurance.

“Being a business with multiple branches in the West Kootenay and being completely reliant on the Internet, broadband service would be a major improvement. We’d be able to more quickly and efficiently service our clients,” explains Darough.

Next on the agenda for the Broadband Project is to educate and inform the business community on how broadband can benefit a business.   Helping businesses understand Nelson’s new state-of-the-art, fibre-optic network and exploit its full potential is the City of Nelson’s goal.

Community Futures offers information sessions, one-on-one IT business advice and educational workshops focusing on e-commerce, mobile websites and new business applications.

Media Contact:
Andrea Wilkey, Executive Director, Community Futures Central Kootenay
t: 250.352.1933